Capstans - C-series

Wormgear capstans

Self-braking worm gear drives with electric, hydraulic or even pneumatic motor, available in on-deck or below-deck build types. The on-deck drive is equipped with a waterproof motor for intermittent use. The below-deck drive is equipped with a dripwater-proof motor and a mounting plate with an extra self aligning bearing suitable for high static loads such as with mooring ropes. Pneumatic drives are available upon request.

Planetary capstans

Featuring a cast iron capstan head mounted on a heavy duty planetary gearbox. The entire drive is mounted in a watertight tube frame providing optimal protection from the elements. Pneumatic drives are available upon request. Capstans up to 15 tons can be offered upon request.

Standard features

  • Heavy duty wormgear or planetary gearbox
  • IP 54 braked motor 400 VAC / 3-phases / 50 Hz for planetary capstans
  • IP 56 TENV cast iron 400 V AC / 3-phase / 50 Hz non-braked motor for on-deck wormgear capstans
  • IP 54 400 V AC / 3 phases / 50 Hz non-braked motor for under-deck wormgear capstans
  • Single speed and one direction only (electric capstans only)
  • Orbit or radial piston type hydraulic motor
  • Vertical cast iron warping head according to ISO 6482
  • Three layer 2-component conservation according ISO 12944 category C4-High, colour RAL 5010
Capstans - C-series

Selected articles (26)

Article code Power supply WLL 1st layer [kg] Speed [m/min]
C086E Electric 500 kg 6 m/min
C086H Hydraulic 500 kg 8 m/min
C110E Electric 700 kg 11 m/min
C110H Hydraulic 700 kg 8 m/min
C130E Electric 1100 kg 9 m/min
C130H Hydraulic 1100 kg 7 m/min
C150E Electric 1300 kg 13 m/min
C150H Hydraulic 1300 kg 10 m/min
C185E Electric 1700 kg 10 m/min
C185H Hydraulic 1800 kg 10 m/min
C300E Electric 1000 kg 12 m/min
C300H Hydraulic 1000 kg 30 m/min
C301E Electric 1650 kg 10 m/min
C301H Hydraulic 1650 kg 28 m/min
C303E Electric 2300 kg 10 m/min
C303H Hydraulic 2600 kg 18 m/min
C305E Electric 3400 kg 9 m/min
C305H Hydraulic 4000 kg 17 m/min
C306E Electric 5000 kg 9 m/min
C306H Hydraulic 5000 kg 17 m/min