Calculation notes

Working Load Limit (WLL)

WLL usually applies to the first layer of cable and decreases with each additional cable layer. The line pull is expressed in kg or daN. It is important that the working length of the cable on the drum is determined, with three additional ‘safety windings’ remaining on the drum at all times.


The required speed of winches varies according to their purpose. In some cases, a variable speed option is required, delivered via a proportional control valve for pneumatic or hydraulic winches. For electric winches, frequency inverters are a cost-effective solution with additional technical benefits.

Power Source

EMCÉ products accommodate a range of power supply options, including electric, hydraulic and pneumatic. Should your power source be other than the one stated in this catalogue, please consult EMCÉ and our Engineering Department will recalculate the winch based on your available supply.