EMCÉ Winches is a creator and manufacturer of winches, capstans and related equipment. With a company history spanning well over 80 years, EMCÉ winches can be found the world over in many different guises and in a multitude off applications. EMCÉ has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating solutions for the movement of goods, objects and people.

Leading ambition at EMCÉ is to meet or surpass the expectations of her customers. EMCÉ is present on all relevant markets be it shipbuilding, oil, gas and renewables, dredging, construction, mining or general industry.

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Spooky business

The transformation of Antigoon I into Antigoon II. Do you want to know how EMCÉ contributed to keeping this myth alive?Although the common belief is that the name ‘Antwerpen’ comes from an old word for ‘harbor’, there is a myth saying otherwise. It’s the well-known myth about the giant called Antigoon. He terrorized Antwerp by making the passing ships pay toll - until one day a brave little guy named Brabo

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