EMCÉ Winches is a creator and manufacturer of winches, capstans and related equipment. With a company history spanning well over 80 years, EMCÉ winches can be found the world over in many different guises and in a multitude off applications. EMCÉ has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating solutions for the movement of goods, objects and people.

Leading ambition at EMCÉ is to meet or surpass the expectations of her customers. EMCÉ is present on all relevant markets be it shipbuilding, oil, gas and renewables, dredging, construction, mining or general industry.

Latest news

Sophisticated heave compensation

The Zirfaea is a survey vessel from Rijkswaterstaat. Scanning the seabed of the North sea and monitoring water quality are some of the daily tasks of the vessel and crew. The crane highlighted

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Retirement André Mesman

After being at the heart of EMCÉ for nearly thirty years André Mesman has retired this August. Being a man with many talents André has worked in many roles over the years ranging

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Play ‘hide and seek’ over the border with EMCÉ Winches

Can you imagine this not just being a game?‘Hide-and-seek’ is a popular children's game in which a number of players conceal themselves in the environment, to be found by

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