custom tailored rescure system

Near the end of 2022 we have completed a magnificent project in Je Ju, South Korea, equipping the Grand Hyatt Hotel/ Casino, Dream Towers with two rescue elevator systems.
The rescue system can evacuate up to 30 people per ride with traveling speeds of up to 2 meters per second!

For this project EMCÉ Winches designed and built a custom foldable frame for the elevator system to rest in. After carefully engineering, developing, testing (FAT) and certifying the system, our team ended up travelling to South Korea to install; high speed winches for personnel transport and IE4 high performance motors along with all the necessary control panels. Commissioning was also done on site (SAT).

Together with Escape Rescue systems who supplied the elevator cabin, we produced this evacuation solution.
The system can be retracted when not in use. In this way, it is not visible from street level thus preserving the architectural marvel also known as the JeJu Dream Tower.