Winch options

Winch options (selection)

Pressure rollerWinch option | Pressure roller

DrumguardWinch option | Drumguard

Limit switchLimit switch

Grooved drumWinch option | Grooved drum

Drum divider flange

Winch option | Drum divider flange

Encoder & spindle limit switch

Winch option | Encoder & spindle limit switch

Claw clutch

Winch option | Claw clutch

Friction clutch

Winch option | Friction clutch

Slack wire switch


Winch option | Friction clutch

Pneumatic spindle limit switch


Winch option | Pneumatic spindle limit switch

Manual band brake


Winch option | Manual band brake

Hydraulic created band brake


Winch option | Hydraulic created band brake

Pendant remote control

Winch option | Pendant remote control

Pneumatic control valve

Winch option | Pneumatic control valve

Spooling gear

Winch option | Spooling gear

Additional rope anchor

Winch option | Additional rope anchor


Winch option | Slipring

Classification certificates LRS, BV, ABS, DNVGL

Winch option | Classification certificates (LRS, BV, ABS, DNVGL)

Manual emergency crank

Winch option | Manual emergency crank

Control panel with frequency inverter

Winch option | Control panel with frequency inverter