Lloyds Re-Marking Certificate for materials

Re-Marking Certificate

With the ever increasing requirements in the market regarding the traceability of the materials used in creating the products, the recent Lloyds Re-Marking Certificate is a significant step forward.

The certificate enables EMCÉ to transfer 3.1 material markings from the materials supplied to the individual products made, and provides an almost infinite material traceability of her products for those customers requiring this.

To keep EMCÉ at the cutting edge of certification is a concerted team effort. Administrations Officer Jennifer van Hal and Standards and Procedures and Standards expert Jan Koomen in particular make sure EMCÉ remains fully certified, ranging from the general ISO 9001 to the more specific certifications as the NEN-EN-ISO 3834-2, or indeed the Lloyds 3.1 Re-Marking certificate.

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