The history of EMCÉ starts in the nineteen thirties in the Brabant province of the Netherlands. In 1933 a machine workshop was started in the village of Sprang-Capelle that also gave its name to the new company, Eerste Machinefabriek Capelle (First Machine factory Capelle). Very soon bigger premises were needed, and the company moved to the neigbouring town of Waalwijk.

Next to producing general construction and machine work for agricultural and industrial use in the region, EMCÉ developed her own series of building and construction elevators, and without knowing made its first strides into the world of lifting. After the war the company prospered for many years, but the building and manufacturing crisis of the nineteen eighties brought EMCÉ in dire straits. The company was eventually saved by the Stokvis Group and was, together with some key staff members, transplanted to the bulb fields near Voorhout, the home of the Stokvis Group.

Under the wings of the Stokvis Group the company entered a gradual growth in turnover, staff and premises in the following 35 years. The premises now cover over 5200 sq.m of workshops, offices and workshops with room for further expansion in the future.

Not only the company grew, also its products increased in dimension and complexity, as a result of entering more demanding markets, the ever increasing call for certification and project management prompted the company to become ISO9001:2008 (currently ISO9001:2015) certified. As a result the number of staff members involved with "paperwork" such as design appraisals, product data sheets, project coordination, quality assurance and documentation has increased since enabling EMCÉ to confidently offer customers at the top end of the market the equipment, documentation, certification and support they expect and demand.

And in case you wonder....yes, we still take pride in providing simple but effective winches for those customers that require them.