Winch controls

Winch controls

Being in control of a winch or capstan is a crucial ingredient both regarding safety and getting a job done in the most efficient way. The manner in which the equipment is controlled is determined by the motive power used (electric, hydraulic or pneumatic), the complexity of the equipment and the demands and preferences of its owner. Motive power speaks for itself, but complexity and preferences and demands can go many different ways. Electrically driven spooling gears, load sensing, radio remote control, load and speed registration, advanced graphical interfaces, heave compensation or complying to certain standards all can complicate the control system. EMCÉ has the ability to create controls that are simple to use and reliable no matter how complicated the process or equipment is on the other side of the control interface.


For electrically driven winches controls can range from a simple up and down and emergency button control box, to a multi inverter, multi HMI display control system to control multiple winches in conjunction with each other. As part of the Stokvis Group, EMCÉ has direct access to group member ELSTO Drives and Controls, who is specialized in both motive power and control systems for industrial equipment. Being fully at home in the world of frequency drives, PLC controllers and advanced control (radio) systems and the ability to listen carefully to our customers, it is possible to develop control systems that not only drive the equipment, but also solve operational or technical problems. 


This equally applies to pneumatically driven winches, where over the years EMCÉ not only developed and produced its own pneumatic motors and brakes, but also designed and built advanced control circuits that in some cases combined pneumatics with radio remote control or even hydraulic equipment. Being a strong contender in the field of ATEX related equipment for the petroleum industry EMCÉ has a keen interest to remain at the leading edge of both technology and regulations. Our sales and design departments are more than happy to get involved in your search for the ideal pneumatically driven equipment and controls.


Hydraulic winches form a substantial part of the EMCÉ catalogue and production. However many hydraulic winches supplied have no or only modest local controls fitted while these winches will be connected to a locally installed hydraulic system. In those cases the "controls" limit themselves to providing an "A" and "B" port and a drain connection, and making sure the equipment will slot in seamlessly into the control infrastructure provided by the customer. Needless to say that EMCÉ also provides hydraulic equipment fitted with full control or even complete personalized control panels and diesel and electric-driven HPU’s. Where required, the expertise of specialist companies is sought to achieve an optimal


Yes we also get involved in how our manually driven winches are controlled, and in much the same way as our motor driven winches, safe operation with the least amount of effort. EMCÉ makes it easy.